Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical Skin Peels have been used to improve skin texture since ancient times. Egyptian Women bathed in sour milk, which is a form of chemical peel, to smooth the skin.

The main uses of chemical skin peels are for:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Superficial lines and wrinkles
  • Increased pigmentation e.g. post pregnancy
  • Acne and post acne scarring
  • Sun damaged skin and freckles

Depending on your skin type and the indication for the peel, you will normally need a series of 4-6 peels spaced several weeks apart. A variety of different types of skin peels are available. After an assessment of your skin condition, Dr Hurst will discuss with you the most appropriate Chemical Skin Peel and discuss the benefit that you will get from it including an overall fresher and more youthful appearance.

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How Do Chemical Skin Peels Work?

The Peels help removed old and dead cells from the surface of the skin and stimulate the production of new cells from the deeper layers of the skin. Some types of peels will also stimulate the production of collagen.

Do Chemical Skin Peels Hurt?

After the chemical peel is applied it may feel quite hot for a few minutes until the neutralising cream is applied, however most patients do not find it painful.

Who Is Suitable for Treatment with a Chemical Skin Peel?

At your consultation, a full medical history is taken, and your face and skin type assessed as to the suitability of a chemical peel. It is not recommended to have a chemical peel whilst pregnant or breast feeding.

Can I return to work afterwards?

After the chemical peel there are no restrictions on driving or returning to work. Depending on the type of peel that is done, there may either be no redness and peeling or just mild redness and peeling (like a sun burn) for a few days after each peel; so returning to work the next day should be no problem.

Can Chemical Skin Peels Be Used In Combination With Other Treatments?

Yes. Chemical Peels can be done in combination with Botox, Skin Fillers and Surgical Face Lifts. For certain treatments there needs to be a time delay between the peel and the treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects of Chemical Skin Peels?

After the peel there may be some redness of the skin and a mild peeling (like a sun burn)-this usually last for a few days. As part of the treatment, you will be supplied with special morning and night time creams which will help to moisturise the skin as well as actively treating the skin condition.

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